BLIP : The Food Issue
Features Magazine of the Benildean Press Corps
BLIP is the features magazine of the Student Publications Office. The 2011 issue's theme was food.

To keep things interesting yet flexible, we decided to have all of the illustrations produced using food condiments or at the very least, using edible ingredients. 

The nameplate itself was recreated with ketchup.

Creative Direction: Carl Graham
Layout Editor: Jouie Keane
Heading: Bree traced with Ketchup
Staffbox was shot with each member holding/eating a food item
illustrations by Pam Isleta with food coloring
Editorial shoot done on popular fast food figures given life as a group of friends
Illustration by Patmai De Vera made with tea leaves
Illustration by Laurice Plando with Food coloring
Ketchup lettering on back cover

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