Motion Graphics and Animation for YDisciple and Likable Art
Style and Idea Explorations, 
Lighting, Texturing, Rendering, Compositing,
2D Animation and Motion Graphics Template (.mogrt) delivery.
YDisciple and Likable Art had established an authentic and approachable style in the video series through candid catechetical conversations. Part of the challenge was adding value through the Animations in a way that didn’t distract from that appeal.

Visual Metaphor
One of the main goals from when I was brought in was to help flesh out a visual metaphor or theme that represented the effect that the Sacraments have on us and our lives, showing that connection to God, and the Grace that flows from participation.
An early idea was depicting scenes as point clouds and "grace" flowing through and "changing" the particles somehow. Morphing one thing to another would also be made possible.
Color Spread
We eventually settled on the execution of color flowing from the sacraments as a way for the objects to formally “stay the same” yet come alive and change fundamentally. This color change couldn't just “fade-in” though, we needed an interesting way to go about it.
This was the final color spread effect.
If you're interested, the color change was based on a growing “Vertex Map.” The points on the geometry all have a value from 0-1 or Black to White (in the preview below, from Red to Yellow).
This changing gradient is used as a basis for a ramp (Vertex Attribute Node below) that's mapped out into different patterns and colors. The color would be shown as a build-up of different masked layers until the final layer of the full diffuse/albedo layer finished everything off.
Unnecessarily complicated? Perhaps.
The effect was a sort of spectrum of hues that spread before the final color followed. This gradual stacking of the color felt fitting of the often gradual change that happens in our constant conversion.
The intro was the first place to test and execute on the idea:
I was also tasked with rendering different objects and scenes to serve as supporting footage for the edit. In the interest of time and the need for realism, I didn't do any modelling but sourced the geo from various sources online. The job here was mainly re-texturing, animating, lighting, and shooting these in interesting ways before passing the renders onto the editing team.

A fun scene was figuring out to generatively substitute a bunch of different breads (using Adobe's Firefly Beta) for a turn-around I had animated as a base.

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