See the film below:
3D style frames
I designed the frames based on the agency storyboards and then created 3D still frames to guide lighting and production design decisions, as well as animation guides in AfterEffects. The actual stop-motion animation was done by Sarah, moving the objects incrementally, while I operated Dragon Frame on her laptop via Zoom from my laptop. It was a lot trickier than we thought it would be, but it was well-worth the effort!
The Dissolving Bottle logo, type choice, and bottle designs were from Choi Co and the cheeky script by Rachel Yulo!

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Direction, Design, Animation: Carl Graham
Production Design, Cinematography, Animation: Sarah Arrogante
Creative Consultant: Kimberly Tomacruz

Agency: BBDO Guerrero
David Guerrero
Federico Fanti
Rachel Teotico Yulo
Choi Co
Liz Casta├▒eda

Production House: BBDO Flare Manila
David Wright
Dianne Sibal
Denise Galoyo
Lex Nocheseda
Al Salvador
Ate Vi

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