SPAM® Recipeoke
This is an older project, but one that I'm still quite proud of.

Jumping off a great campaign written by the folks at BBDO Guerrero, we crafted 6 music videos based around songs made for specific SPAM® variants.

We used a mix of stop-motion, simple food stunts, and physical acrylic cut-out letters to build each lyric video.

Director: Carl Graham
DOP: Ian Guevara
Production Designer: Sarah Arrogante
Food Stylist: Mikki Castro
Editor: Jaymar Carinan & Bert Abenido
Graphic Design: Kim Tomacruz Graham
Composer: Thyro Alafaro & LoudBox Team
Production Manager: Ana Tenioso
Production Assistants: Thet Quirante and Gwen Gui
Propsman: Jimmy Torado
Agency: BBDO
Production: Flare Manila
Producer: Angela de la Calzada
Head of Production: David Wright
Executive Producer: Luisa Olarte

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